OK, confession time. I used to be a voracious reader. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting by the front door waiting for the school bus, book in hand, looking up every few lines to make sure the driver didn't leave without me. For as long I can remember, libraries and bookstores have had a hold over me. Something about the endless shelves chock-full of books makes me feel safe and comfortable and all fuzzy inside. 

Unfortunately, at some point I stopped reading what I bought, and now I'm at a place where the compulsion to buy or borrow something new often outweighs the desire to read any of the (dare I say) hundreds of titles I already have.

So when I decided that 2013 would be my year of “Making Space” — of clearing out the clutter in my home & my mind to make room for new adventures, I knew I had to do something about these books. A few months in my blog Shelf Space was born as a place for me to pledge that I will read all the books I already own before I buy anything new.

However, after having spent the last two months trying to manage Online Sunshine and Shelf Space in tandem, I've come to realize that running two blogs at once is more than I can handle. So I've decided to integrate the two, making Shelf Space a regular segment on Online Sunshine. A place where I can maintain my original pledge and share my love of books, all the while streamlining my efforts and kicking failure to the curb.

So whaddya say? Shall we read?
Image Credit: owly9 / (CC BY-NC 2.0) 

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