Although my Smile Time: Week of Accomplishments has come to a close, I have decided to keep recording my achievements on my gratitude list. I've learned that it is important to pause and celebrate our wins, no matter their "size." Doing so builds confidence, breaks down our "not enough" stories and fuels us to carry on. Plus, it's a major source of warm fuzzies!

So here's this week's list of internal and external smile sources:
*"bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica"
*designing my own inspiration board graphics (keeping it simple in Microsoft Paint)
*walking away from overwhelm by acknowledging aloud that I was in overwhelm (with additional help from husband, workrave and a pending dance party)
*"It comes with a flute!"
*three letter series done
*celebrating what little blue sky I could find
*getting my editorial calendar up where I can see it (I'm an out of sight out of mind kinda girl)

Now it's your turn. What accomplishments do you want to shout from the rooftops this week? What things, big or small, brought you into the moment and put a smile on your face? Please take a minute and share them in the comments below.

photo by Daniel Y. Go / (CC BY-NC 2.0)
6/3/2013 07:00:55 am

I smiled at the new Arrested Development episodes

6/4/2013 01:26:36 pm



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