This week's song is from my absolute favourite show Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope's 2012 campaign theme song reminds us all that "It's not enough to simply catch your dream / you gotta grab your dream and you catch your dream's dream." Props to @prattprattpratt and the entire @parksandrecnbc cast. 
NB: Pratt's twitter pic is AMAZING!!!
Download the MP3 for free here
What's the one song that makes you want to "shackle it to your heart?" Share it in the comments below and we'll build the shiniest playlist yet.
6/4/2013 04:55:26 am

Super Fun - I don't know what song could be more inspirational

6/4/2013 01:25:38 pm

Ain't that the truth!!! :-) Thanks for commenting!


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