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Although Weebly has been good to me, it just doesn't offer the customization I need to fulfill the multimedia empire fantasies I have for Online Sunshine.

So it's time to say goodbye to onlinesunshine.weebly.com and usher in a new era of self-hosted Wordpress glory.

Come on over to OnlineSunshine.org to continue the celebration. Things are just getting started!!!!

Stay Shiny!
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Smile Time makes it's triumphant return with a look back at what made my July the tops!

*I journaled more consistently in July than I ever have! Bring it August!
*I'm officially registered for Vision 1 at the New School for Inspired Work in the Fall.
*I took time to pause & celebrate the stillness & spaciousness that is Dundarave (almost every time I was there.)
*Adventure times at Whole Foods – I could spend HOURS there!
*July also saw the dawn of meal planning  I'm on my third week and there's only been one minor recipe malfunction. Thank you Kris Carr for these tips & a handy dandy meal planner (not to mention the boatload of inspiration!)
*BSB dance party in Heaven with Jay Baruchel! YES PLEASE!
*I bought myself a plant and she's beautiful! Now I'm going to do everything I can to keep her that way. 
*The record setting sunshine meant plenty of glorious walks with husband.
*I took on the practice of active listening, only to then find this video Michelle did back in the day. Spooky!
*Moving target high-fives are AWESOME!
Now I want to hear from you. What made your July sing? What are you still smiling about? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay Shiny!
Love, T

Although July also played host to my first summer vacation home in years, I made the mistake of factory resetting my phone without backing up the pictures first. *sheepish grin* So this is the cream of what I've shot in the weeks since I returned.
And now it's your turn summer lovers. I'm itching to see what you've captured over the last few weeks. What does summer look like where you are? (Or winter for those of you down under?)

Stay Shiny!
Love, T

Shining Lights is my regular celebration of the latest & greatest from the creators who light up my life. I sure hope you'll join me and share some of your own!
*For some people it's Superman, Batman or Captain America. For me it's Wil Wheaton. He's my hero! 

*"The problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story." Chimamanda Adichie 

*Calling all children of the 80's! I managed 15/26. See how many you can name! 

*From artist, mentor, superhero and all around heartwarming soul Andrea Scher: The importance of being at choice. 

*Need practical tips on making your dreams come true? The amazing Alexandra Franzen's got a list of 7 for ya!

I've shown you mine, now it's your turn. Who lights your fire? Create a rave of your own in the comments below.

Stay Shiny!
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I chose the latest Song to Shine By as much for Michelle's intro as I did for the song itself. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm crazy about Michelle and her work, and this video is a perfect example of why sought her out to be my coach.

Got a summer jam that screams "Hello world this is me!" Share a link to the video in the comments below. Then get out there and brush the dangerous! It is Friday after all!!!

Stay Shiny!
Love, T

Shelf Space is a regular segment where I share my adventures in reading all the books I own before buying anything new.  Need to catch up on the journey? Come on over.
 My current book of choice is The Mindful Way through Depression. 
My first week of the program outlined in The Mindful Way through Depression wasn't without its challenges. The daily body scan brought me face-to-face with the crawl out of my skin sensations that go hand-in-hand with my anxiety. I was unsuccessful at mindfully brushing my teeth for most of the week, so I've chosen flossing & washing my hands as my mindful activities for week 2. And to top it all off, my one mindful meal led me to realize that I can't stand the texture of melted cheese. Not exactly a win when the only thing you bought for lunch that day was a grilled cheese sandwich. 

Even still, the first week was also ripe with glimmers of awareness and that has been amazing!

I recognized the that that the sensations of panic I experienced during the body scan -- tightness in my chest and the unbearable impulse to move or escape -- are identical to the feelings of anticipation that I get when I'm about to finish anything that bores me or saps my energy.

I'm also starting to learn what my autopilot feels like. The other day I put something away for my mom and less than five minutes later I couldn't find it. Plus I had zero recollection of putting it in the place where we eventually found it.  
George Carlin
"Didja ever find yourself standing in one of the rooms of your house and you can`t remember why you went in there?" 

~George Carlin
Jammin' in New York

Image Credit: katherine Bingley / (CC BY 2.0)

However, I think the thing that struck me the most was how much of a difference there is in my mood when I let myself slack on my daily practice. Having had time to reflect on my rather mish-mashed week in Alberta, where my self-care routine was tossed right out the window, I can't help but wonder if the reason that I came back feeling so fuzzy is because I left all of my "being" tools at home. Instead of approaching these practices as an opportunity to do something special just for me, I fell into the trap that Williams et al. describe on page 231, by "turning the meditation practice into one more "thing" [I] now have to do."

Now that I'm home and taking steps to get back on my path of self-care, I've realized that these practices are not something to take a vacation from. They're as important as eating, sleeping and brushing my teeth.
So now I want to know how you do it? How do you incorporate your self-care routine into your days away from home? How do you juggle your daily practice with vacation activities, family and friends? 

Leave your tips below, and I'll be eternally grateful. I need all the help I can get!

Stay Shiny!  
Love, T

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OK, confession time. I used to be a voracious reader. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting by the front door waiting for the school bus, book in hand, looking up every few lines to make sure the driver didn't leave without me. For as long I can remember, libraries and bookstores have had a hold over me. Something about the endless shelves chock-full of books makes me feel safe and comfortable and all fuzzy inside. 

Unfortunately, at some point I stopped reading what I bought, and now I'm at a place where the compulsion to buy or borrow something new often outweighs the desire to read any of the (dare I say) hundreds of titles I already have.

So when I decided that 2013 would be my year of “Making Space” — of clearing out the clutter in my home & my mind to make room for new adventures, I knew I had to do something about these books. A few months in my blog Shelf Space was born as a place for me to pledge that I will read all the books I already own before I buy anything new.

However, after having spent the last two months trying to manage Online Sunshine and Shelf Space in tandem, I've come to realize that running two blogs at once is more than I can handle. So I've decided to integrate the two, making Shelf Space a regular segment on Online Sunshine. A place where I can maintain my original pledge and share my love of books, all the while streamlining my efforts and kicking failure to the curb.

So whaddya say? Shall we read?
Image Credit: owly9 / (CC BY-NC 2.0) 
Husband and I are off to Alberta tomorrow for a week of fun, family and future visioning. This pretty much means radio silence for me until we get back.  Although I'm sure there'll be a few tweets #ABadventure, and I just started a Visions of AB board on Pinterest.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous about our destination given the recent flooding, but it's also kind of exciting. Like Finn and Jake, husband and I will have a kick ass time exploring our very own Land of Ooo. Heroes we are two. 

And we've left BMO in charge while we're away.
Do you have any summer adventures planned? I'd love to hear about where you'll be vacationing, or staycationing, so feel free to share your excitement below!
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Welcome to the first ever Shining Lights segment on Online Sunshine

Every other Friday you can look forward to a celebration where I share my love for a handful creators who light up my life. I sure hope you'll join me and share some of your own!
*I'm blissing out over this musical meditation by miracle maven Heather Waxman.

*I've started craving Mayi Carles' Friday video time! Her enthusiasm is infectious!

*There are few things online I love more than Kid President! "It's everybody's duty to give the world a reason to dance!"

*Whatever you choose to put on your plate, Luiz reminds us that human compassion is innate and we can all do "something beautiful."

*The amazing Danielle Laporte is holding a SpreeCast this Tuesday, June 25 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. Tune in to the live Q&A for a juicy convo about the Desire Map, Core Desired Feelings and one of my oldest rivals...resistance!
I've shown you mine, now it's your turn. Who lights your fire? Create a rave of your own in the comments below.
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I have to admit I've been slacking on my Smile Time for the past couple of weeks. So it's time to step back on the path with this recap of all things shiny:*Sunshine, always sunshine! It makes me feel alive!
*I had a touching conversation with my sister. (I can't wait to see her in a few weeks!!!)
*Retweeted by @prattprattpratt who OWNS as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation.  (I can't stop squeeing about this!!!)
*Made more art for my inspiration board. There's nothing I can't do with some shiny fonts and Microsoft Paint.
*My essence: tranquility / shimmer / soul / freedom / connection. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
*Making my way through Ali Rittenhouse's Geek Labs Virtual Assistant Training.
*Dinner before 7 PM, 3 work nights in a row. YEAH BABY!BONUS: *Best curry ever at The Foundation on Main Street.Alright now, whaddya got? What did (or didn't) you take time to pause and celebrate this week? I'd love for you to share in the comments below.