What made you smile this week? 

> devouring Alexandra Franzen's blog. How Dare You?
> Krasinski & Fallon lip sync off -- "no regrets, just love"
Keyboard shortcut of the day: Excel/LibreCalc -- CTRL+PgUp/PgDwn -- try it sometime, you'll thank me!
> Kid President's Open Letter to Moms
> Michelle blows my mind, tells me to practice pissing people off and go out and be spicy
> heartfelt thanks to the kind soul who turned in my lost purse, and the wonderful folks at Tactix Gym for keeping it safe
> Wil Wheaton has officially made my list of heroes

Let me know in the comments below what made you smile this week. 
p.s. I love a good rhyme.
5/13/2013 04:23:10 am

Seeing you walking back up the hill with your purse safe and sound made me smile....

5/26/2013 07:22:02 am

I smiled this week when i watched a show about prairie chickens. man,do i love chickens... i not crazy by the way just really odd, but that isn't always a bad thing! Anyway... the chickens...

5/26/2013 09:18:28 am

Chickens are amazing!!! They're smart, social and incredibly resilient!
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